Against Dubbing

Original instead of dubbing

This site is a non-profit digital collection of votes and comments against dubbing of movies and TV shows, especially in countries like Germany, France or Spain, for screening movies in their original language track with subtitles.

  • Dubbing distorts content – authenticity, jokes and cultural associations are lost.
  • Accents and dialects are preserved in subtitled movies, as well as the general atmosphere of a language – Japanese is hardly like Spanish.
  • Every voice is unique, but there are never as many dubbing artists as there are actors.
  • Atmosphere is lost – factory hall, beach or forest all turns into flat studio sound.
  • Non-existent lip sync is confusing and also contributes to destroying the atmosphere of a movie.
  • Subtitled movies enhance knowledge of languages and reading skills.
  • Subtitling is a lot less expensive and time-consuming than dubbing.

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