Against Dubbing

Why are we against dubbing?

In no way whatsoever do we want to take anything away from those who don’t understand foreign languages – we simply want everyone to be able to enjoy the art of film the way it was created for the audience and meant to be seen by its creators. By broadcasting with a secondary audio track or subtitles this could easily be achieved.

Dubbing destroys the experience of watching a movie, since movies are not only pretty pictures but also a multitude of acoustical experiences. Language is an essential part of a movie, and oftentimes even the medium which delivers a movie’s message. In many movies, cultural and linguistic references play an important role, but those can’t be translated into other languages.

The following pages contain more information about the different areas which are affected by dubbing: Translation & Word Play, Accents & Dialects, Voices und Atmosphere. The Solution: Subtitles!